Saturday, April 3, 2010

Craigs List Find- Patio Set

With summer just around the corner and spring already here, I started thinking a lot about our patio and garden.  When we purchased the house last year, it was nearly the end of summer and with so much work to do on the inside of the house, we didn't spend too much time on the outside.  The only exception was pulling out the 6ft weeds that were growing in the garden and trying to clear out as many other weeds so it didn't look so much like a jungle.

Here is what the patio and garden looked like when we moved in.

You could barely see the gate and fence let alone make your way through all of the weeds to get to them.  After we cleared out all of the weeds, and planting two box cutter bushes, the garden and patio looked pretty much like this for the rest of the year:

Now with the weather warming up, I know we'll be looking to spend more time outside.  The first order of business was to try to find a new patio set.  The old owners left us a bistro table and chairs but it's too small for the space and ideally we'd like a table that would seat at least four.  After some initial browsing on-line at Target, Walmart and K-Mart, I turned to Craig's List.  After looking through the listings, I found an estate sale where I scored four metal patio chairs.  The owners were asking $10 per chair but I was able to get all 4 for $30.  About a week later, I found a table made of the same material that was being offered for free.  Score!  I just picked up the table and finished putting it together.  Here's what the patio looks like now:

Not too bad for $30.  I have plans to spray paint all of the pieces black so it looks cohesive.  Then I have to tackle the garden. :)

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