Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Foyer

The foyer has changed quite a bit from when we first moved into our house. Here's a look at the "before":

Gotta love that bug swapper and window curtain. Not to mention the lovely floor tile but that's probably the least offensive.

We started by first chipping up the floor tile and laying down wood flooring which was probably the biggest change.

Chipping up the floor tile was NOT as easy as we first thought. The stubborn little suckers refused to come up and it took a few hours of using a chisel and hammer before they were all removed. The area was still not entirely flat afterward and one of the guys who installed our floor had to spend another couple of hours trying to flatten the surface even more.
 We then painted the walls and changed out the light fixtures (we weren't planning on this step but after I broke a shade trying to change the light, it was necessary). The door also got a mini-makeover. We took down the window curtain and removed the chain lock but after we did that, the door had quite a few holes.

Luckily it was nothing that a little wood filler couldn't fix. After doing that and slapping a fresh coat of paint, it looks as good as new.

Here's what the foyer looks like now.

The table is from Ikea and the mirror was a Craig's List find (I'm told that it was originally purchased at Bombay Company) which I spray painted oil-rubbed bronze (aka orb). The rug is from Home Goods but I'm thinking of adding a runner instead. I also like the decor on the table but I'm thinking of changing it up a bit- maybe adding a lamp or table runner?

Wall Paint: Natural Wicker by Glidden
Door Paint: Custom Color Match
Table: Expedit table by Ikea
Mirror: Craig's List find
Floors: Lumber Liquidators
Light Fixture: Home Depot
Rug: Home Goods

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