Saturday, April 24, 2010

Painting the Master Bathroom

I'm hoping that the master bathroom gets finished up by Monday or Tuesday at the latest since the only things left to do are to grout the subway tile and install the vanity, mirror, toilet and light fixture. But before these things get done, I wanted to paint the wall behind the toilet and mirror since these areas will be the hardest to reach. Of course, in order for me to do that, I had to decide on a paint color and actually buy the paint. Anyone that knows me knows that I can't make these kinds of decisions easily but after some deliberating, I decided that a soft gray would be best for the room since it would compliment the marble tile and white vanity.

So while the bathroom guys took a lunch break, I took a trip to the closest paint store, which is less than a mile from my house and also a Benjamin Moore retailer. After deliberating over several gray paint swatches, I settled on a grayish-blue color called Marilyns Dress.


I picked it in part because it complimented the paint in the master bedroom which is Silver Mist (also by Benjamin Moore). Since I'm not allowed to walk on the tile, I painted a patch of it on one of the master bath walls while standing right outside the door. The color looks more ice-blue than gray to me and when I asked the hubs about it, he told me he thought it looked more blue-lavender. This was soo not the look I was going for but since I already went and bought a gallon of the stuff, I figured I might as well wait to see at least one entire wall painted before making a definitive decision on whether the color stays or goes. I'll keep you posted!

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