Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Master Bathroom Reno- Day 9

The master bathroom reno is nearing the end of its completion.  Hopefully everything will be complete within another week or so but here's a quick recap of the past few days.

The bathroom project kicked off more than a week ago. To prepare, I went out and purchased 2 toilets (one for the master bath and the second for the powder room) a towel bar, toilet paper holder and sink faucet.  I had to drive around for a few days with a toilet in the backseat until DH could help me unload it from the car.  I also laid down carpet protector and rugs over the wood floor and assigned special shoes for us to walk on the protector so not to track the rest of the dust in the house.

The contractor and his guys showed up promptly on Day 1 and by the end of the day the entire bathroom was demo'd.  By Day 4 the floor tile and wall tile had been installed.  On Day 5, no work was done to give time for the tile to dry and Days 6 and 7 fell on the weekend.  On Day 8, the contractor couldn't make it out but I learned that I was going to have to find a shower door so I found myself in the Lowes plumbing department that night.  Thanks to some luck and a super strong store assistant, the Kohler glass shower doors I purchased fit into my Honda Civic.

On the morning of Day 9, the guys showed up on time and finished grouting the shower tile.  In the course of this madness, we also decided to have them re-tile our powder room floor so they got started on this.  In the meantime, three other guys showed up to install the bathroom vanity and sink.  The entire time I was basically confined to the living room except for when I was hovering around to get a glimpse of their work and trying to remind the guys to keep their feet on the carpet protectors.

Pretty much everything is done except that the shower doors have to be installed and the bathroom has to be painted.  I'm double guessing my choice of BM's Marilyn's Dress since it looks a tad lavender on the walls (so not the look I was going for).  Here's a peek of what the bathrooms looked like at the end of Day 9:

Master Bath:

Powder Room Floor:


  1. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Can I ask - where did you get your vanity?

  2. Thanks! We actually got our vanity through our contractor who has his own fabrication shop where he makes vanities and counter tops.