Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Floor Registers

One of the items on my endless list of home improvement repairs was to purchase new floor vent covers (I later learned that they are called "floor registers").  Of course nothing in our house is standard so it wasn't as simple as picking up a few new ones from Home Depot or Lowes. 

The floor registers which were originally in our home were old and rusted and just plain gross. 

After some shopping around on-line I found a site which carried floor registers which would fit our home and they finally arrived.  Luckily they all fit and I wasted no time throwing away our old ones.  Here are what the new registers look like

And a side by side comparison of the old versus new

I think most would agree, the new ones are much better.  One more thing crossed off the list!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Changing the Guest Bathroom Faucet

Today I reached a personal victory in my journey of home-renovation/diy- I changed a bathroom faucet.  Our house was built in the 80s and while all of the faucets are perfectly functional, the aren't as attractive.  As an example, here's a photo of our guest bath faucet.

I figured while I have a little bit of time, I would try changing it.  I had never successfully changed a faucet before- I had tried once before on our powder room bath and I was never able to remove the old faucet, let alone change it.  This time around, I read a lot of directions on-line before getting started.

After running into a couple of roadblocks- success! The old faucet lifted right out.

The vanity underneath the faucet wasn't too pretty but after cleaning it with some goo gone, most of the junk came off.  The next step was to install the new faucet.

I took a quick trip to home depot where I picked up a new faucet and supply lines.  We already had plumber's putty at home (no doubt from my powder-room faucet experiment).  When I got back home, I spread everything out and read the directions.  They were pretty easy to follow.  I decided not to install a new drain since the old one was still in good shape but saved it in case we ever decide to do this in the future.  After cleaning up excess plumber's putty and tightening the mounting nuts and supply lines, I held my breath as I turned the water back on and turned on the faucet.