Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally Done

At last, our kitchen is finally done. Before showing the final product, I'll go over the last few projects that pulled everything together.

After painting the cabinets and putting in the counters, we were able to finish installing our new appliances came in. Not the most thrilling thing but I was so happy to see the rusted hood go away. We then add a backsplash. I'd like to say we did this ourselves but at this point, we were pretty exhausted and it seemed like such a better idea to hire someone to install the backsplash and come home to the finished product. In choosing the type of backsplash, I knew I wanted to go with white subway tiles but picking out the grout color was a different story. After debating between gray and white, I finally decided on gray and picked up a bucket of Delorean Gray at Home Depot. But with buying grout and subway tile came buying spacers- something that I did not do enough research on. Faced with so many options, I didn't know which size to buy. I ended up buying 1/8 inch spacers but after seeing the final product, wish I had gone with a slightly smaller size since the grout is darker. I can't say I totally regret it though as I'm pretty pleased with how everything came out.

After everything was installed, DH surprised me by taking a day off and painting the kitchen while I was at work. Lastly, and more recently, we installed new lighting fixtures. Before we had an ugly fluorescent light and a huge oversized fan. I was not sorry to see those things go and see a pretty chandelier and ceiling light take their place.

Here are some photos of what the kitchen now looks like:

Here are a list of our resources:

Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Cabinet Coat Cabinet and Trim Enamel White
Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue
Hardware: Ebay
Lighting Fixtures: Lowes
Subway tile & related materials: Home Depot
Oven, Dishwasher & Hood: Lowes
Faucet: Overstock


  1. love what your doing...and that tile is just heart stopping.

  2. You are doing an amazing job transforming your house and, ditto, the subway tiles are gorgeous!