Friday, January 29, 2010

The Kitchen- Part Three

When we set out to remove our kitchen's old counters, we knew we wanted to replace them with granite (actually I was coveting a marble counter top but after learning about its potential problems with staining, I agreed with DH to get granite).

We started off by visiting stone yards- I was looking for a granite that looked like marble but anyone that's tried doing this before will tell you it's difficult. While there were many white and lighter colored granites, none of them had that marble-like effect I was going for. Somewhat discouraged, I decided to go in the totally opposite direction and get a darker colored granite. Luckily, DH didn't mind either way but just wanted a decision to be made so we didn't have to keep driving around to different stone yards.

I first considered going with absolute black granite but after seeing it in person, I wasn't feeling it. I loved how it looked as a honed granite but DH wasn't a big fan. Finally, we decided on a granite called gray-ash. The color is a dark gray with very small specks of white spattered throughout.

Here's are some pictures of how it looked when it was finally installed:

The counters came not a moment too soon as they were installed the day before we moved in. Talk about cutting it close. We're getting closer to the finished product!

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