Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Kitchen

Before we even bought our house, it was obvious that the kitchen was going to need some major updating. It was functional but in desperate need of some tlc. There were orange oak cabinets, fluorescent lighting and stained walls- it wasn't pretty.

The plan was to replace the appliances, floors and counters. We decided to keep the cabinets and paint them white.

The first thing we did was to rip out the counters. We had no previous experience in doing this but were able to get most of the counter up after using a box cutter to cut around the edges of the counter. We ran into only a couple of issues. The first was disconnecting the garbage disposal so we could remove the sink. No matter how many times I watched a how-to video on you tube, I could not disconnect the stupid thing. Thankfully one of our new neighbors came to the rescue and disconnected it for us.

The second issue we ran into was removing the counter that was immediately next to the pantry. We're guessing that the pantry was added after the kitchen since even after we disconnected the counter, we did not have enough space to lift it out since the pantry was blocking any room we would have had. With five people pulling at the counter (DH, myself, our neighbor and the two gentlemen from 1-800-Got-Junk who we called to haul away the counters and carpet), the darn thing would not budge. Finally, our neighbor (again) used an automatic saw and the counter finally met its fate by being cut in half. Here are some photos of our handy-work:

Finally the kitchen was ready for its facelift- some new paint, counters and appliances. More to come :)

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