Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dreaming of Bathrooms

So far we've gotten our house to the point that we're comfortable enough living in it but there are soooooo many projects left to do. One of the projects that tops that list has to be our bathrooms. Right now, the bathrooms are a lot of beige- beige tile, beige toilet, beige shower. You name it, pretty much everything is beige. Not that beige is bad but they're screaming to be updated.

The powder room is the smallest of the rooms and I don't think it will be too tough to update because of its size. Here some pics of what it currently looks like

Right now we can't even have guests use it since I tried (unsuccessfully) removing the faucet and ripped off the towel bar and toilet paper holders. Even though it's functioning, it's just too embarrassing to have guests see it.

The other bathroom that desperately needs an update is the master bath. It has a lot of the same things as the powder room- old tile, vanity, light fixture- pretty much everything.

It's also tiiinnnnyyy and the shower stall is soo small it will make anyone claustrophobic.

Right now I'm researching different types of materials and trying to keep to a strict budget. More to come later :)

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