Saturday, August 14, 2010

Front Porch Part 2- My DIY Doormat

In trying to make my front porch look pretty, I needed to find a new door mat.  I have been leaning towards a monogrammed door mat for a while but the only ones I could find cost a ton and are way more than I'm willing to spend on something that is going to need to be replaced in less than a year.  So after some shopping around for a decent priced door mat and coming up empty handed, I got the idea to DIY one after seeing AnNicole's amazing tutorial on Our Suburban Cottage (see her post here).

I bought a plain door mat from Ikea and got out some left over black spray paint.  I then printed our initial and cut it out with a pair of scissors (this part was a serious pain in the neck). 

After taping the initial template to the mat, I measured the space where I wanted a border and taped off the remaining area around it.  (In case anyone's interested, I chose to make the border two and a half inches.) I used clear masking tape which doesn't come up that clearly in the photos but it worked pretty well.

I then brought everything outside and painted away.  I then peeled off the template and let the paint dry before moving it to the front porch.  Here's the finished product:

Overall I think I could have done a better job taping the template down and painting but I'm pretty happy with it and that it cost less than $10 to do this project.  Next step for the front porch makeover- find a door wreath!


  1. Girl, I think it looks really good! I'm impressed!

  2. I have this same mat from Ikea sitting outside my front door. My concern is paint coming off in extreme weather (heat or rain) and getting on shoes. Any problems with this yet? Love your blog! I almost bought that same mirrored table from target.

  3. Thanks!! I haven't had any problems with the door mat with paint coming off or getting on shoes although it hasn't been sitting outside for that long. It has been fairly hot here and has rained a good bit but so far so good.