Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Living Room

Although I'm still reeling about our master bathroom's lack of hot water and defective shower handle, I though I'd try to distract myself and share our living room. 

Before I share what our living room now looks like, here is the "before" version:

After knocking down the mirrors, ripping up the carpets and painting the entire room, here's what the living room now looks like:

We still have a long way to go but I think it's a big improvement. (Please ignore the side table and lamp as that is just its temporary housing space).  The couch is from Ikea and the rug is Pottery Barn's Moorish Tile Rug which I scored off ebay as PB no longer carries it.  In hindsight, I wished I had bought a cream colored rug so to create a greater distinction between the floors, rug and couch but I can always replace it later.  The most challenging decor decision was the art over the couch.  I have a bunch of eclectic pieces of art that I've picked up as hand me downs and have been given to me as gifts so I finally decided to create a gallery wall with all of them.  I wasn't sure if I loved it after the last piece was hung but it's grown on me. 

I think what the room needs know is some touches of white or creme. I plan on getting new curtains and replacing the coffee table.  We also need some side tables and lamps.   If you have any other suggestions, I'm open to hearing them!


  1. It looks great! I love the floors and the art wall!

  2. Ditto! Great space and I love the brown rug!

  3. Your living room looks great, I like the rug and your gallery wall! I guess if you wanted to add white you could consider keeping the coffee table and painting it white - It looks nice in the space!